A Trip to the Supermarket

Consumers today are savvier about how and where they spend their money.  While cost savings are important to many consumers when choosing a supermarket, when it comes to feeding their families, they are also considering other factors, such as health, quality, the freshness of produce, and the variety of foods and products sold.  Consumers also take into consideration the appearance and cleanliness of the store.   Establishing trust begins from the moment your clients enter your store, and if they see dirty floors and registers, cluttered aisles, and dusty and disorganized shelves, they will look for another supermarket to shop at.

In 2012, the U.S. Supermarket Experience Study revealed the importance of a clean store – nearly 4 in 10 shoppers will bypass a store due to lack of cleanliness.  Another study performed by M/A/R/C® Research and National In-Store found that 14% of consumers said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like, and 29% said they would only visit the store to pick up a few items they could not find elsewhere.   Based on the results of these studies, a supermarket’s appearance is an extremely important part of creating strong brand loyalty that will discourage customers from looking to shop elsewhere.

At times, store employees may take part in the cleanliness and appearance of your store.  However, when it comes to providing effective and comprehensive cleaning throughout your supermarket, hiring the right outside cleaning staff is essential.  There are many pitfalls involved in trying to clean with in-house staff, including the lack of proper training, the difficulty of having store management try to provide proper supervision and management, and the inability of having backup cleaners available when cleaning employees call in sick or take vacations. This is why partnering with Capital can help you get ahead of the game.

Capital Contractors brings 84+ years of experience to thousands of companies in all industry segments every day throughout North America. As a full-service commercial cleaning and facility management company, we provide customized cleaning and service programs to meet both your specific facility and budgetary needs. We customize a cleaning service program to the unique requirements of your facility based on your type of business and applicable government standards. We make your specific needs and priorities ours, and manage the execution of services, so you can focus on your business.

Capital Contractors has the expertise to handle all of your unique needs, including:

  • We service over 1,500 commercial customers across every type of commercial environment, throughout the US and Canada.
  • National and regional rollouts – with proper planning we can start service simultaneously at hundreds of your locations nationwide
  • Specialty hard floor care and carpet cleaning services to keep your floors shiny and increase foot traffic while maintaining a safe environment for your patrons without trips and falls
  • Customized cleaning management programs that work with your individual store locations to most effectively schedule services and follow up to confirm that services are correctly performed on time, every time
  • Customized reporting programs to provide both store managers and corporate managers with the metrics they need to quantify the performance and value of our cleaning programs
  • Customized billing programs to provide the flexibility your company requires for invoicing, payment terms and payment methods
  • National operations field personnel, quality assurance managers, and over 700 related field partners to provide exceptional service and field oversight in all 50 states and Canada

In all food service segments, including supermarkets, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, image and cleanliness are critical to ensuring customers keep coming back.  Capital Contractors is here to help ensure you always look your very best!

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