Are You Inspection Ready?

Many businesses are subject to some type of inspection requirement, either from outside regulatory agencies or internal auditing processes. Depending on your type of business, bad results from these kinds of inspections can have a negative financial impact on your business and brand name.   Simply hoping for the best is not where you want to be at the time of inspection.  Instead, you need to be prepared and always be inspection-ready.

Having a clear understanding of all aspects and rating criteria in an inspection process will allow you to create a plan of action for yourself and your employees.   Your employees are key to your success in every aspect of your business, therefore the more they clearly understand what the expectations are, and why, the better prepared you will be to achieve a positive outcome.

There are times you need help from the outside, especially when considering proper cleaning and sanitizing of your facility.  Often times it makes sense to consider using a professional organization to help ensure you meet required hygiene standards.  With so many cleaning organizations to choose from, who can you trust to ensure you have a facility able to meet even the most rigorous standards? Capital Contractors is here to help you. Since 1932, we have been providing our customers with optimal customer service, full-service operations, quality assurance and administrative teams assigned to each account to listen to our customers, craft custom cleaning programs, ensure quality control, guarantee 24/7/365 responsiveness, and become a long term partner dedicated to maximizing performance, efficiency and value for our customers at the most competitive prices.

When inspection time comes, it’s not the time to wonder if you’re prepared. Capital understands and specializes in inspection-intensive markets such as restaurants, healthcare, and hospitality, among many others.  And with 84 years’ experience, we are prepared to help you meet your business requirements and be ready for those random inspections no matter when they take place.

Don’t wait another moment hoping for the best – contact Capital today and have the peace of mind knowing you are always inspection-ready!

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