Capital Cares – Bringing Hope to Houston

We are stronger when we stand together.  On Friday, August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas with winds of 130 mph.  At the time it hit, the storm was categorized among the strongest in our history. Capital Contractors and its employees recognize that in hard times people need compassion as well as a helping hand. We think of our clients, subcontractors, families and friends and we feel the need to be there for them. This is why Capital has connected with Houston Food Bank in order to share our love and compassion with the folks of Houston. On Monday, September 18th, 2017 we will be sending out a package full of nonperishable foods to reach those that need the most.

Houston Food Bank has served well over 80,000 meals between 2016-2017 and their goal is to serve over 100,000 warm meals in 2018. This is why we encourage you to donate and to stand by our fellow Americans in this time of need. You can contact Houston Food Bank at 1-832-369-9390, and they will let you know what they need at the time. There are many other options available as well. Let’s come together in strength and remind ourselves that “we are stronger when we stand together” and that storms can destroy things and create chaos, but it can’t destroy humanity or our nature to love and protect each other.

Our prayers remain with all those in need.

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