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Capital Contractors for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs!

Compensation is a driving factor for employees, and for some employees, it can be the ultimate motivator. However, many other employees are not fully motivated by compensation alone. Let’s think about this – employees spend roughly 8 to 10 hours per day at work, and some may even spend up to 12 hours or more. […]Read More

Are You Ready for A Snow Day?

We might not be ready to say goodbye to summer, but we can’t ignore that colder weather will soon arrive, and with it, the likelihood of snow. And although we still have a few months before we see the first flakes, the time to think about proper snow removal, ice melt and cleanup is now. […]Read More

Ready or Not You’ve Been Tagged in Social Media

The reality is that in today’s world of technology nearly every person carries a smart phone and most people use it regularly to share their whereabouts, their activities, and their interests with their “friends” on Facebook and their connections on other social media sites. People also share their satisfaction and dissatisfaction for all types of […]Read More

Commercial Cleaning a Value Add Service

When we think about commercial cleaning, the question is not, “Do we need it?” instead we ask “Who will provide this service?” By now business owners should be clear that cutting corners when it comes to providing a clean, well-sanitized environment can have devastating results on your growth potential, company stability, and your customer and […]Read More

The Power of Sparkle!

Before being enticed by a display, consumers will always notice your store’s floor. A properly cleaned and well-polished floor has the power to invite and attract potential customers. The clean image, while making them admire your presentation, also focuses attention on the items, goods, and services you intend to sell. The appearance of your store, […]Read More

Is Your Desk Clean?

Let’s face it, we spend 8 hours or more each day at our desks, and due to our hectic schedules, many of us find it convenient to eat while working. We are often having breakfast and/or lunch while we work, nibbling on snacks, and drinking coffee or other beverages. This common practice leads to spills, […]Read More

Are You Ready For a New School Year?

With the 4th of July behind us, stores are now beginning to ramp up on back to school items. Yes, we said it, “Back to School”. While parents and children are trying to enjoy what is left of their summer vacations, school management and the custodial staff are working hard to safeguard their facilities and […]Read More

Safeguarding Your Gym Facility

In 2016 gym memberships reached a new high, with 57.25 million people enrolled across the country. That is a lot of people, sharing a lot of sweat, germs, and bacteria with each workout. It’s no wonder that keeping a gym safe is not just about proper equipment, placement, and storage. Gym members take their health […]Read More

Not Every Business is The Same

In today’s day and age, consumers are much more educated on the role their environment plays on their health. They have a much better understanding of how harmful germs and bacteria are spread from contaminated surfaces, and the negative impact these have on their family’s health. Most people understand the direct link between health and […]Read More

Keeping Our Schools Safe, Clean and Healthy

Kids will be kids – they will play, get dirty, cough and sneeze and ultimately share germs. They don’t do this on purpose, yet it happens. We do however expect the facilities we entrust with our children to provide a safe environment in which to play, learn, and develop. We also expect these facilities to […]Read More