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Capital Cares – In the Wake of Devastation

The 2017 Hurricane season will be one to remember.  From Hurricane Harvey which caused massive destruction through parts of Texas, to Hurricane Irma which devastated islands of the Caribbean and Key West, FL, to Hurricane Maria which completely destroyed the island of Puerto Rico, we find many fellow Americans as well as our neighbors to […]Read More

Showroom Clean!

Image is a critical factor in new car sales, so it’s no coincidence that top car dealerships need to display an immaculate showroom.  Their top cars rest on a polished floor, clean environment and under great lighting.  The environment and presentation makes a discernable difference. Ensuring the dealership stays in display mode goes far beyond […]Read More

Capital Cares – Bringing Hope to Houston

We are stronger when we stand together.  On Friday, August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas with winds of 130 mph.  At the time it hit, the storm was categorized among the strongest in our history. Capital Contractors and its employees recognize that in hard times people need compassion as well as a helping […]Read More

Property Management

Ask any property manager and they will tell you that image is very important. What tenants perceive matters – from the rental office to the community facilities to office space.  Whether residential or commercial tenants, they all expect quality service and a clean and healthy environment.  Therefore, keeping the premises clean and safe is not […]Read More

Mall Traffic

Malls have changed much throughout America.  Some include activity centers for kids, movie theaters, gyms and chain restaurants.  They have become very creative in attracting guests to their facilities, which in turn attracts big name brand stores and small retail stores all looking to benefit from the traffic these facilities generate. One of the areas […]Read More

A Trip to the Supermarket

Consumers today are savvier about how and where they spend their money.  While cost savings are important to many consumers when choosing a supermarket, when it comes to feeding their families, they are also considering other factors, such as health, quality, the freshness of produce, and the variety of foods and products sold.  Consumers also […]Read More

Are You Inspection Ready?

Many businesses are subject to some type of inspection requirement, either from outside regulatory agencies or internal auditing processes. Depending on your type of business, bad results from these kinds of inspections can have a negative financial impact on your business and brand name.   Simply hoping for the best is not where you want to […]Read More

Showcase Your Warehouse!

Warehouse environments are almost expected to be messy. Between stocking shelves, receiving products, staging, and preparing orders for shipment, there is constant movement and lots of resulting debris. A cleaner and more organized warehouse environment leads to more efficient worker production. As part of business practice in today’s market, clients are often invited to visit […]Read More

Capital Contractors for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs!

Compensation is a driving factor for employees, and for some employees, it can be the ultimate motivator. However, many other employees are not fully motivated by compensation alone. Let’s think about this – employees spend roughly 8 to 10 hours per day at work, and some may even spend up to 12 hours or more. […]Read More

Are You Ready for A Snow Day?

We might not be ready to say goodbye to summer, but we can’t ignore that colder weather will soon arrive, and with it, the likelihood of snow. And although we still have a few months before we see the first flakes, the time to think about proper snow removal, ice melt and cleanup is now. […]Read More