Commercial Cleaning a Value Add Service

When we think about commercial cleaning, the question is not, “Do we need it?” instead we ask “Who will provide this service?” By now business owners should be clear that cutting corners when it comes to providing a clean, well-sanitized environment can have devastating results on your growth potential, company stability, and your customer and employee retention.

Identifying your business needs is very important. Every commercial facility has varying cleaning needs and budgets. In order to find the cleaning company that is best suited to meet those needs, you will need to be clear on your scope of work and list of cleaning tasks by area and frequency. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may have specific regulatory requirements that have to be met or have a clientele with very high expectations for cleanliness. Understanding the level of service required for your business needs and ensuring that it is incorporated into your scope of work will be essential in achieving the desired results and providing best in class customer service at the best price value.

Finding the right cleaning service can be a challenge. You will need to ensure that they have a clear understanding of your desired scope of work and are aligned with the expectations of results. Selecting the right cleaning service shouldn’t be left to chance or randomly selected when the success of your business depends on the trust level of your clientele.

Capital Contractors was founded in 1932, and with over 85 years’ experience in commercial cleaning we can confidently say we are ready and equipped to meet your demands. We specialize in a wide range of markets with customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Markets served:
• General Office
• Retail
• Healthcare
• Education
• Restaurant and Entertainment
• Industrial
• Auto Dealerships
• Hotel and Hospitality
• Banks and Financial Services
• Commercial & Residential Property Management

We at Capital care about the environment and for this reason we implemented a Green initiative program that includes the latest sustainable products and techniques, and all in an effort to minimize the environmental impact of our services, become environmentally and socially responsible partners, and remain stewards of our planet, regardless of industry changes and demands. In addition, we go the extra mile for all of our clients who are LEED-certified, many of whom have achieved Gold-level LEED status. Moreover, all of our services programs — whether for healthcare, education, restaurants, retail, commercial offices, industrial or hospitality — include and strictly adhere to up-to-date health & safety standards as well as all OSHA and related regulatory laws and guidelines.

We provide our customers anywhere in the United States and Canada with the highest quality, outsourced commercial cleaning and facility management utilizing the most experienced, well-trained employees and service partners, and employing modern, best-in-class cleaning practices with a special focus on green, environmentally sustainable and maximal disinfecting technologies. Therefore, when thinking about your business requirements and who is best to meet and exceed those demands, think Capital!

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