Education Cleaning Market

classroomSchools and childcare facilities have a responsibility to provide clean, healthy and safe learning environments in addition to top level educations, and Capital Contractors can make that happen for you. With so many “touch-points” in an education environment, it is critical that your cleaning program focus on disinfecting and the prevention of cross-contamination to improve overall health and increase student and teacher satisfaction while at the same time reducing absenteeism and liability.

  • We work with daycare and childcare facilities and public and private schools at all levels (lower schools, middle schools, upper schools and colleges and universities)

  • We currently service over 130 schools and childcare facilities across 80 school districts and childcare organizations

  • We use cutting edge germ eradication technology such as UV light disinfecting technology to eradicate germs on the surfaces in your facilities to protect against the common cold, influenza, norovirus or even MRSA. UVC disinfection eliminates germs on bathroom sinks, toilet seats, telephones, desktops, light switches, key boards, doors knobs & push plates, and children’s toys and play equipment.

  • We use green, environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning techniques, cleaning chemicals and supplies, including recycled and recyclable supplies whenever possible.