Keeping Our Schools Safe, Clean and Healthy

Kids will be kids – they will play, get dirty, cough and sneeze and ultimately share germs. They don’t do this on purpose, yet it happens. We do however expect the facilities we entrust with our children to provide a safe environment in which to play, learn, and develop. We also expect these facilities to be properly cleaned and sanitized to ensure their health is protected.

When parents select a child care center they look at many features, including curriculum, controlled access, and safety. Safety involves many things, from preventing falls to keeping areas germ and bacteria-free. While surfaces may seem clean, the truth is that bacteria and germs are not usually visible to the eye. Therefore, cleaning must not be a simple wipe down, but a carefully thought out process that makes health a priority. As a child care provider, you must outline clear policies for your staff, parents, and kids to promote proper hygiene by all in your facility. You must also provide specific cleaning guidelines for your staff to follow when cleaning up after incidents involving vomit, feces, or other bodily fluids. Providing your staff with the proper training, and equipment to deal with these potentially harmful incidents will help you to provide a safe, healthy, clean, and sanitized environment.

This is why partnering up with Capital Contractors makes sense. Capital understands the level of responsibility your child care facility has in providing a clean, healthy, and safe environment, and Capital Contractors can make that happen for you. We currently service over 130 schools and childcare facilities across 80 school districts and childcare organizations. Using cutting-edge germ eradication technology, such as UVC light disinfecting technology, we eradicate germs on the surfaces in your facilities to help reduce the risk of the common cold, influenza, norovirus, and even MRSA. UVC disinfection eliminates germs on bathroom sinks, toilet seats, telephones, desktops, light switches, keyboards, doors knobs, push plates, and children’s toys and play equipment.

Contact us today and learn how we can help to put you and your customers at ease, by creating a cleaner environment for children to thrive in.

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