Mall Traffic

Malls have changed much throughout America.  Some include activity centers for kids, movie theaters, gyms and chain restaurants.  They have become very creative in attracting guests to their facilities, which in turn attracts big name brand stores and small retail stores all looking to benefit from the traffic these facilities generate.

One of the areas where the highest foot traffic can be seen and felt is at the food court, especially in the busy season.  Busy shoppers and their kids work up an appetite and need a place to take a break.  You will notice that attractive, well-maintained food courts keep cleaning personnel on-site at all times, cleaning and wiping down tables and floors, and making sure that the next guest can relax and enjoy their meal.  But often this on-site personnel are not trained cleaning professionals and are not equipped to clean properly and keep up with the demand.  This is why it is important to prepare ahead of time, not just with the cleaning crew, but with cleaning equipment and supplies.  Having a strategy will also help you get ahead of the game when the demand is at its peak.

Your guests will probably not confuse the food court with fine dining. However, they will expect you to meet certain requirements. You will know if they are pleased by their continued patronage, or you will know how displeased they are by reduced clientele and negative online feedback.  Let’s be honest, managing a mall and ensuring all operations run smoothly on a daily basis is a daunting task and things such as proper cleaning sometimes aren’t the top priority.  However, this is a mistake that can quickly become a major problem if a guest falls due to an accidental spill.  With heavy foot traffic throughout the mall and food court, spills are bound to occur, and if not caught on time, slips and falls will soon follow.  This is why timely and proper cleaning plays such an important role in the health and safety of a mall and food court environment.   Think about it – isn’t providing a healthy, safe environment for your employees and guests one of your main priorities?

Capital Contractors understands the responsibility of managing a mall, and we have a clear understanding of the challenges you face and the requirements you must meet.  This is why we are ready to partner with you to ensure you are providing the kind of clean and safe environment your employees and guests deserve and expect. We know that achieving this goal will help maximize your image and increase traffic and revenues throughout your mall for yourself and all your tenants

Capital is ready to provide the following services:
Food Court
Kitchen (back of the house)
Floors (mall and individual stores)
Snow plowing

Contact us today and find out how Capital can help you in providing top quality service.

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