Multi-location and Nationwide Rollouts

Startup meetings between the client and Capital leadership and field teams are imperative for a smooth and success roll out. Field teams visit and meet with leadership at the sites they will be cleaning and overseeing. Capital leadership meets with client’s leadership to review the progress of the rollout and address any needs that may arise to ensure the rollout stays on track, on time and on budget.

Field teams contact each site manager to review procedures, start times and dates.

Complete site inspections are arranged and completed, and the right work force is determined and assigned to each site.

Any new vendors or suppliers assigned to the work will be vetted by our compliance team.

Field teams and our purchasing department work closely to finalize the selection, purchase and placement of equipment. Field managers and crews will tour sites and review the scope of work.

And at all times during the rollout and for the life of the relationship, our Quality Assurance team will ensure the program proceeds smoothly and will keep the client informed of all progress with customized reporting that meets the client’s needs.