ISLANDIA, NY January, 2016 – Capital Contractors Inc is leading the charge to assist restaurant and food service business owners and operators in maintaining healthy and safe facilities for their patrons. Capital Contractors has invested substantial resources to create a new division within its corporate structure solely to meet the needs of those customers in the restaurant and food service market. Today, restaurants and other food service facilities are under increased scrutiny with the implementation of government programs such as New York’s “Letter Grading for Restaurants” program

Programs such as these require restaurant establishments to be evaluated and graded regularly with respect to food safety and cleanliness. The resulting grade is then required to be posted in plain view of the consuming public. Less sophisticated commercial cleaning companies are simply unable to meet the requirements needed to produce the required results.

Capital Contractors has accepted the challenge and the opportunity head on by investing in the right resources to ensure they will be the leader in professional cleaning services to the restaurant and food service industry.

Along with investment in the latest cleaning and chemistry technology Capital has invested in a staff of Subject Matter Experts who have spent their career in the restaurant and food service industry. These experts have walked in the same shoes as restaurant managers and owners and know exactly what they need to accomplish with an effective and efficient cleaning program. With the expertise of these Subject Matter Experts Capital is able to create a customized service program specifically tailored to each individual facility.

Customers who choose Capital Contractors can rest assured knowing they have the industry leader in the restaurant and food service industry as a dedicated and professional partner. Armed with the latest chemistry, technology and equipment operated by subject matter experts Capital represents the top provider in today’s high visibility restaurant and food service industry.