Are You Ready for A Snow Day?

We might not be ready to say goodbye to summer, but we can’t ignore that colder weather will soon arrive, and with it, the likelihood of snow. And although we still have a few months before we see the first flakes, the time to think about proper snow removal, ice melt and cleanup is now.

-How does snow and ice impact access to your business?

-Is getting into and through your parking lot easy for your customers?

-What impact does the snow have on the cleanliness of the floors in your building?

-What type of safety measures do you have in place to prevent indoor and outdoor slip and falls due to winter weather?

-How do you choose what type of ice melt to use?

-Which companies can help you establish an appropriate snow clean-up program to meet your needs both indoors and outdoors?

The truth is that snow is beautiful and enjoyable, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when it keeps your customers from doing business with you. Unfortunately, many businesses such as retail stores, supermarkets, and transportation centers do a poor job of snow removal and make it treacherous for customers to simply walk from their cars to their facilities. This can lead to loss of business and lawsuits.

Providing top-notch snow removal service will help set you aside from your competitors and will serve as a welcome sign to those customers in need of products or services. Customers who know you care about their safety will reward you with their continued business during the winter season and throughout the year.

Capital Contractors has the resources and capabilities to support your snow removal needs. Whether it is simply shoveling your walks and applying ice melt, or also plowing your parking lots, we are here to help. We understand the impact that winter weather has on your business and how important it is to have a service provider you can trust to meet your winter safety needs. The time to prepare for your snow removal and cleanup is NOW, and Capital is ready with the service and support you will need this winter season.

Contact us today and together we will put together a game plan to keep your business open and safe all season long.

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