Restaurants and Entertainment Cleaning Market

kitchencleaningbowling Let’s face it, your restaurant cleaning can make or break the reputation of your business. Training, hiring and managing your own team is not always an option. The cleaning tasks are tedious, and require physical strength and attention to detail. Cleaning the kitchen equipment, grills, exhaust fans, hoods and grease traps is dirty and demanding work. Countertops, floors, bathrooms and dining room areas all need to be cleaned thoroughly to meet stringent NYC inspection requirements. NYC Health Inspection Ratings can make or break your business. The goal is always to achieve and maintain an A rating and this is where the value proposition of Capital Contractors comes in.

In the food service and hospitality industry, image and cleanliness go hand-in-hand to ensure customers keep coming back, and that your business meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements. Capital Contractors works with national chains as well as local restaurants from fine dining to casual establishments, hotels and a variety of entertainment venues providing commercial cleaning services that meet and exceed their highest standards. Whether it is the front or back of the house of a restaurant or hotel, a movie theater, a bowling alley or some other hospitality environment, Capital Contractors will always ensure you look your best!

The strength of the Capital program provides Restaurant and Hospitality facilities with an outsourcing option that far exceeds any competitive offerings. Innovation in advanced cleaning chemistry provides superior results in less time than competitive products. Capital executes all services using the most advanced cleaning procedures with the latest in equipment innovation like vacuum recovery in all floor cleaning processes. This unique process increases overall cleaning productivity with superior soil removal and keeps debris out of floor drains. The unique equipment employed by Capital provides customers with safer floor surfaces and includes NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) certification for providing high traction. The Capital restaurant cleaning program provides the industry’s best results for the greatest value creating safer, healthier facilities that keep customers coming back.