Retail Cleaning Market

retailcleaning Capital Contractors is one of the clear national leaders in the United States and Canada in servicing retail chains, with a current cleaning portfolio of over 1,200 retail locations across 70 leading regional, national and international retail chains, including 50 Fortune 1000 companies. We help create retail environments that shine, supporting your precious brand image and creating the kind of Wow! factor and welcoming and safe environment that brings customers in the door and keeps them there to increase your store traffic and revenues

With over 80 years of total experience, and over 25 years specifically targeting regional and national retail chains, Capital Contractors has the expertise to handle all of your unique needs, including:

  • National and regional rollouts – we can start service simultaneously at hundreds of your locations nationwide

  • Specialty hard floor care and carpet cleaning services to keep your floors shiny and increase foot traffic while maintaining a safe environment for your patrons without trips and falls

  • Customized cleaning management programs that work with your individual store locations to most effectively schedule services and follow up to confirm that services are correctly performed on time, every time

  • Customized reporting programs to provide both store managers and corporate managers with the metrics they need to quantify the performance and value of our cleaning programs

  • Customized billing programs to provide the flexibility your company requires for invoicing, payment terms and payment methods

  • With 40 national operations field personnel and quality assurance managers, as well as over 700 related field partners, we provide exceptional service and field oversight in all 50 states and Canada