Safeguarding Your Gym Facility

In 2016 gym memberships reached a new high, with 57.25 million people enrolled across the country. That is a lot of people, sharing a lot of sweat, germs, and bacteria with each workout. It’s no wonder that keeping a gym safe is not just about proper equipment, placement, and storage.

Gym members take their health seriously and they understand the impact that germs and bacteria have on their health. These type of individuals are especially keen on recognizing when a facility such as a gym is not properly maintained, and this is why cleaning must be taken seriously within your Gym.

Proper cleaning and sanitizing must include:
Yoga & Exercise Rooms
Weight Room
Floor mats
Bathrooms & Locker Rooms
Pool Decks
Steam Rooms & Saunas
Child Care Room
Door handles

Sanitization plays an important role in providing a safe and healthy environment for your members as well as your staff, and Capital can help you with this! Our employees and preferred service providers are trained in OSHA blood-borne pathogen requirements. We use healthcare-grade cleaning products and advanced cleaning and disinfection programs like UVC technology to create a clean environment and minimize bacteria and germs. In addition, we strictly adhere to up-to-date health and safety standards as well as all OSHA and related regulatory laws and guidelines.

Safeguarding your facility from dirt and germs is a full-time job, and Capital is here to help you.

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