Showcase Your Warehouse!

Warehouse environments are almost expected to be messy. Between stocking shelves, receiving products, staging, and preparing orders for shipment, there is constant movement and lots of resulting debris. A cleaner and more organized warehouse environment leads to more efficient worker production.

As part of business practice in today’s market, clients are often invited to visit the company warehouse. When a client walks into your warehouse, you want them to focus on your business proposal without the distractions of a dirty environment, lack of access to key areas, or disorganized shelves or aisles. The last thing you want is for your customer to question your ability to get their orders processed accurately and efficiently.

You only get one opportunity for a first impression. A successful first visit can help build trust between your business and your client. They will see first-hand the steps taken to preserve the quality of your products and fulfillment of their orders. A positive experience can lead to promising future business ventures with these clients. Therefore, keeping a warehouse in tip top shape is more than just organizing inventory and having sophisticated machinery, it’s also about providing a safe, secure, and clean environment for your employees and clients alike.

While the organization of your warehouse is a task for your warehouse management team, Capital Contractors can work with you to provide the solid cleaning program that your employees and clients deserve and expect. Keep in mind that while the warehouse area may be the largest portion of your industrial facility, Capital Contractors can help you to keep your offices, restrooms, locker rooms and break rooms clean and safe, as well, which will have a positive impact on your image, morale and staff absenteeism.  Capital Contractors can also help you with your floor care maintenance and can work with you to ensure that the appropriate cleaning equipment is used for all cleaning activities and that proper safety measures are taken as well. Capital specializes in providing a full spectrum of Industrial Maintenance services to the following janitorial markets:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Production Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers

We have an extensive portfolio with proven success in the Transportation, Beverage and Electronics Industries. Contact us today and together let’s put together a plan to get your warehouse in tip top shape.

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