Showroom Clean!

Image is a critical factor in new car sales, so it’s no coincidence that top car dealerships need to display an immaculate showroom.  Their top cars rest on a polished floor, clean environment and under great lighting.  The environment and presentation makes a discernable difference.

Ensuring the dealership stays in display mode goes far beyond the showroom. Bathrooms must be properly cleaned and sanitized, and coffee stations and customer lounges must be maintained at all times to ensure cleanliness  Many dealerships today have a window with a direct view of the service area where customers can observe a well-organized, clean and professional workshop.  Perception is everything, so your facilities must present the proper brand image.  Keeping a dealership properly maintained and in display-ready mode all the time can be a daunting job and one which requires professional assistance.

This is why many car dealerships trust Capital Contractors!  Providing full service janitorial has allowed us to expand our capabilities and maintain a win/win national partnership with some of the top names in the auto dealership industry. With our experienced teams and systems, we’re able to tailor our services predicated upon each dealership’s key factors: specific location, scope, frequencies, customer base and traffic, and related budgets. In short, we provide staffing and services commensurate with the needs and demands of each unique dealership. With a specific focus on areas such as the Showroom Floor, Service Bays, Shop Floors, Restrooms and Customer Lounges, our top to bottom service capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General janitorial
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning/extraction
  • Showroom scrubbing
  • Grout cleaning
  • Strip/wax
  • Pressure washing
  • High dusting and clean-outs

Let Capital keep your facility display-ready so you can focus on your client needs.

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