The Power of Sparkle!

Before being enticed by a display, consumers will always notice your store’s floor. A properly cleaned and well-polished floor has the power to invite and attract potential customers. The clean image, while making them admire your presentation, also focuses attention on the items, goods, and services you intend to sell.

The appearance of your store, which starts with the floor, sends a message to consumers about the types of products you offer. If left uncared for, a dirty floor creates a negative impact and devalues your services. Therefore, taking proper care of your floors is essential to protecting your image. A proper floor maintenance program also reduces wear and tear on all types of floor materials. Understanding the proper care will ensure the highest level of clean.

With Capital in charge of providing proper maintenance, you can be assured that cleaning is done timely with the highest quality professionals, causing you less downtime and providing your teams with the time needed to focus on taking care of client needs. Your customers will stay longer, will search within your stores further and will engage with your teams more effectively and comfortably knowing that your business cares about the customer experience.

Capital Contractors specializes in floor cleaning, from Hard Surface Floors to Carpet cleaning. Capital understands the value of the image and is prepared to help your school, medical facility, retail store, supermarket, office or warehouse meet these requirements which will only help you increase your overall yearly profit margin.

Capital is here to help, contact us today!

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